Trailer Online for Japanese Film “Slight Fever of 100℃~Island Breeze of Love”


CAST – Airi Taira Sho Aoyagi Kaname Endo Chisun Natsuhi Ueno Hiroaki Matsuda Yasushi Kawabata Keiko Miyata Masato Satomi


Awajishima, the beautiful Seto Inland Sea island with a rich natural environment.
One day, Chinami, an island resident, witnesses her boyfriend and hopefully fiancé, cheating on her. On top of that, she loses her job.
While in the depths of despair, a mysterious young man from Tokyo appears and asks, “Would you like to work for me?”
He’s actually from the prestigious Igarashi family, living at the large estate.
Although coming from completely different worlds, the two become drawn to each other. But Chinami’s heart still suffers traumatic effects from the Great Hanshin Earthquake 19 years ago.
A present day Cinderella story, here’s a 100% pure human love story set in Awaji Island for all those who experienced earthquake disasters.

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