Trailers Now Up For Upcoming Thriller The Guest Staring Leon Lai & Han Chae-young


Director – Lim Dae-Woong

Cast – Leon Lai, Han Chae-Young, Geng Le, Crystal Yuan

Synopsis – Zhengkai has a promising future at work, but then a setback comes. His subordinate makes an unexpected mistake, and he’s the only one responsible. He may lose his job and have to pay a lot of money for compensation. He’s pissed and gets himself wasted. Then a mysterious man drives him home in a black car. Since Zhengkai has no money with him at the moment, he leaves the driver his phone number, and promises to pay him the next day. He however, has no idea that this is just the beginning of his longest nightmare.

The Guest – Teaser

The Guest – Trailer

The Guest – Trailer 2

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