“Zombie Fight Club” Trailer Starring Andy On Now Online!


Alright, well, after Joe Chien’s mostly disastrous first feature, Zombie 108, we see a much more professional looking trailer for his upcoming film, Zombie Fight Club. While the title may not necessarily inspire a lot of confidence in the material, the supervisory role of producer given to Gordon Chan has me more than willing to give it a chance. Also, the inclusion of Andy On, one of the few truly skilled onscreen fighters of his generation, has me excited for at least the action. Taking a cue from his previous film as well as more than a little of The Raid’s visual style, hopefully Chien can channel his inner action director and deliver a fun and athletically tough film.

Cast – Andy On, Jessica Cambensy, Philip Ng, Jack Kao, Michael Wong, Terence Yin, Derek Tsang, and Candy Yuen

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