Updated Synopsis For Yeon Sangho’s Upcoming Seoul Station


Here is  an updated synopsis for Yeon Sangho’s (The Fake, King Of Pigs) upcoming next feature film Seoul Station.

Synopsis: Seoul Station, after sunset. A homeless old man dies slowly from his injuries. Nearby the station, in a dark alley, the old man (who was thought to have died and with his eyes out of focus) is eating another homeless person. The streets around Seoul Station are soon covered with insane people trying to feed on other people.

Hae-sun, a runaway teenager, has been staying for a long time in an old inn with her boyfriend, Gi-woong. Hae-sun has a quarrel with Gi-woong, who wants to involve Hae-sun in prostitution through the web, and she breaks up with him. In high-heels, Hae-sun stands alone and helpless in a cruel world. And Suk-gyu, her father, is desperately looking for her.

Seoul Station

After witnessing the horrifying sight of people attacking and feeding on each other like animals while wandering around Seoul Station, Hae-sun runs for her life. Meanwhile, Hae-sun’s father, pretending to be a client, visits the inn where his daughter stays. He leaves with Gi-woong to find Hae-sun. As they leave the inn, they are attacked by the innkeeper who has already turned into one of the insane. The cycle of attack and turning continues, and the number of zombies grows exponentially. The disaster of Seoul Station starts to spread and the government quarantines the station, leaving the remaining people to desperately struggle against the insane. These people have no homes to return to, have nowhere to run, and must fight to survive.

“Seoul Station” Zombie Film First Look!

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