Warner Archive Instant and the Golden Harvest Library!


So on July 6th 2015, Warner Archive Instant tweeted “Six Golden Harvest 90s Hong Kong action/action-comedies just added in HD to Instant!”.  That post in itself is amazing on its own considering how long fans have waited for them to release any of the titles that they own from the Golden Harvest library.

The six HD titles they released are Big Bullet, The Blade, Blade of Fury, Downtown Torpedoes, Pedicab Driver, and Terracotta Warrior.

imageWait a minute, let’s back that up…..did they just release Pedicab Driver???  YES THEY DID!

Pedicab Driver has been one of the holy grails of HK cinema and now it has finally been semi-widely (limited to the USA) released for public consumption.  Previously, the only formats that you could see it on, and that is if you can find a copy of it, was VHS, VCD, or Laserdisc!

Big Bullet and Downtown Torpedoes have had multiple dvd releases before and aren’t that hard to find.  The Blade and Blade of Fury have been released before, and while they are harder to find (depending on the version you want), it is still very possible.  Terracotta Warrior, to my knowledge has only a French dvd that is region locked to Europe and does not come with subtitles.  So finally being able to see this as well is very awesome.

imagein this day and age, when fans had pretty much given up on any possible decent/English-friendly release for these titles, it is surreal to see them in queue like any other title.  Although only available in streaming format for now, Warner Archive really knocked it out of the park with this first step to finally start bringing out their Golden Harvest library titles.

Warner Archive has not announced any plans for dvd or blu-ray releases of these six titles or any other titles yet.  However, since going through the trouble to create or find HD masters of these titles, it is likely that production and distribution of dvds/blu-rays is a very probable in the near future.  If they do get a physical releases, they will probably be Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) discs through their awesome Warner Archive Collection.


Bring it on Warner Archive!  There are countless fans out there that WANT and NEED these wonderful titles and more from the Golden Harvest library in their collection!

If you want to help show your support and love for these titles, you can register to be a member at Warner Archive Instant streaming to show there is a huge interest in wanting to view and own these titles.  They are currently having a one month free trial!

Warner Archive Instant Streaming Service

What is your dream list of Golden Harvest titles that you want to be seen released by Warner Brothers?  Let us know in the comments!


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  1. PEDICAB DRIVER is an awesome movie, and it looks awesome on Warner Archive. And it’s in Cantonese, too. No English subtitles, but turn on closed captioning and you’re all set. (A minor distraction.) I got to see the WB print years ago, and overjoyed that it’s finally seeing the light of day.

    • So it has no english subtitles for any of the films? I was going to sign up for the subscription just to watch Pedicab Driver but if none of the movies have understandable subtitles than I might have to pass on this.

    • All of the movies have Closed Captioning instead of the standard subtitles. So you see the dialogue plus descriptions for sounds, i.e. [grunting] etc..

  2. Yeah, the closed captioning is no way a deal breaker considering what is being released. I love seeing it on my big screen with a clear image. I also love the dirty and darker/bluer tint look that is present on my laserdisc but I’d take closed captioning over hard to read-burnt in subs any day hehe.

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