Wayne Wang Wraps Upcoming While The Women Are Sleeping With Takeshi Kitano (Official Site Added)


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Wayne Wang has recently wrapped production on his upcoming suspense mystery While The Women Are Sleeping due out next year.  With production shot mostly in Izu, While The Women Are Sleeping stars Takeshi Kitano, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Sayuri Oyamada, Shiori Kutsuna, Lily Franky, Hirofumi Arai and Makiko Watanabe.

While The Women Are Sleeping is,a psycho-drama based on a short story by Spanish novelist Javier Marias

SYNOPSIS – A Japanese couple, in their mid-thirties, are on their honeymoon at a beach resort in South-East Asia. The husband, Ken, is a failed author who works in advertising as a copy writer. He meets another honeymooning couple; an older Englishman in his late fifties or early sixties and his beautiful 18 year-old girlfriend. The Englishman takes photographs of his girlfriend every night while she sleeps and Ken gradually becomes involved in the man’s obsession with the young girl.

He begins to follow the couple around the resort and imagines things about their relationship. One night, he finds the Englishman sitting by the poolside and they talk. Ken learns more about the pure nature of the Englishman’s perfect relationship with his young girlfriend and begins to question the sincerity of his own marriage. He talks with the Englishman regularly by the poolside. Apparently, the Englishman has known the girl since she was eight years old, and has only now taken her as his girlfriend, when she turned eighteen.

One night, the Englishman does not show up at the poolside. Ken goes to their room and finds the place completely trashed. He searches for the couple, as the police begin to keep Ken under surveillance. Ken is summoned and interrogated by the police, who suspect him of murdering the girl. That same night, Ken returns to the resort and meets the Englishman, who implies he has murdered his young girlfriend.
One year later, Ken is a celebrated author. His brilliant novel about the Englishman and his girlfriend has been published to great acclaim from the critics. But, was the story of Ken’s encounter with the Englishman and his young girlfriend fiction or reality?

OFFICIAL SITE – http://www.onna-nemuru.jp/


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