“Yokokuhan (Prophecy)” First Look and Synopsis!


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Yokokuhan – Prophecy

CAST – Toma Ikuta, Erika Toda, Ryohei Suzuki, YosiYosi Arakawa, Gaku Hamada

OFFICIAL SITE – http://www.yokoku-han.jp/

SYNOPSIS – The Internet is awash with video clips of just about anything one can imagine.

“Let me tell you what I will do tomorrow,” announces a man wearing a newspaper hat and posting a bizarre clip from an Internet cafe.

Meanwhile, at the cyber-crime task force of the Metropolitan Police, it is the job of an elite female investigator, Erika Yoshino, to crack down on irresponsible acts committed online. And one day, her virtual dragnet snares an unsettling video. It is a man railing against an incident of food poisoning by a food company: “Those incapable of handling food will be thoroughly cooked themselves!” Moments later, a food factory is set on fire.

A part-time food service worker plays a practical joke by deep frying a cockroach. “I will reward this gourmand with a taste of his own delicacy,” comes the warning. Soon, a person is kidnapped and force fed a fried cockroach.

One after another, the newspaper man vigilante together with his cohorts, proceed to serve up their own brand of vigilante justice on the world. But in reality, they are embittered society dropouts who had degenerated to living in close quarters and doing hard labor.

The prophetic crimes eventually escalate to an alarming level with police fearing acts of organized terror. However, Yoshino begins to suspect that these are neither acts of terrorism nor crimes of pleasure but instead driven by a completely different purpose…

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