“Zombie Fight Club” Poster and Synopsis!


Starring: Andy On, Philip Ng, Jessica Cambensy, Jack Kao, Michael Wong, Terence Yin, Derek Tsang, Candy Yuen

Synopsis : It’s the end of the Century, at a corner of the city in a building riddled with crime …… Everyone in the building has turned into zombies. After Jenny’s boyfriend was killed in a zombie attack, she faces the challenge of surviving in the face of adversity. In order to stay alive she struggles with Andy to flee danger.

The originally kind and warm hearted chemistry teacher, after the kayos has broken out is now the zombie leader and has transformed into a cruel, vicious and selfish character.

Violent activists match prisoners against zombies in a malicious killing game, the good side of humanity has seemingly all but vanished. Now that all order is lost, how will humans create a new century? A world of uncertainty awaits : The end? Hope? Or Death?


After the very uneven and disappointing Zombie 108, I’m a little puzzled at the moniker “The Legendary Film Maker” I’m not sure what to expect. There is some decent talent attached but is this going to be more of the same or is it going to turn into a Tokyo Gore Police type of picture? -Cesar

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