Baby Blues (2013)



Moving into a beautiful new home, Hao and Tian Qing have high hopes for the future. Tailoring the home to themselves, they keep only an odd doll from the previous owners. When they discover that she is pregnant, it seems like they are on the way to a perfect life. A songwriter, Hao finds his time increasingly sparse for his wife when he comes under demand for a popular singer’s new album. When a seemingly cursed song from Hao creates an odd stream of accidents, he is quick to dismiss them, but the freakish nature seems to be connected to creepy doll with its eyes ever open.
A horror film made to capitalize on the popularity of 3D in the Chinese movie market, Baby Blues unfortunately lacks any real.scares, effective acting, and a sense of.urgency which turns the film into a bit of a slog despite the short running time. The aforementioned 3D is prevalent and while my viewing for.this review was in 2D, it is clear where the filmmakers hoped to elicit audience reaction. These bits feature some very iffy visual effects and tend to lean more on the goofy side than any real engagement with the storytelling.
Generically composed set pieces are somewhat referential to much better films and truthfully take you out of the film. A ridiculously bad dream sequence as well as a totally out of place “mini fight” are headshakingly bad amongst the numerous poor choices the filmmakers make in the course of this picture. What else is there to.say other than the film disappoints on many levels?
One.point I though was surprisingly decent was the whimsically dark score and the vocal performance by hdndj Ke. The score is reminiscent of carnival music and truthfully feels right at home in a picture that feels more like a funhouse full of goofy reflections of better movies. Hardly the saving grace, it is worth noting.
While I can appreciate the intent behind this film, it truthfully just never captivates or entertains. Horrid acting and even worse storytelling hinder a gimmick laden production and most would do well to steer clear.
Thanks to Well Go USA for providing a viewing copy!

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