Love You You (2011)


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Investigator Xiami (Angelababy) takes a job to investigate alleged dirty business practices at the Love You You Resort by its proprietor. After a poor first impression, she meets the moneygrubbing owner You Lele (Eddie Peng) and acquires a job working at the resort, hoping to find evidence for her client. As they spend more and more time with each other however, they grow closer and Xiami discovers that he isn’t the scoundrel she first thought him to be. When the time comes for her job to end how will You react, especially since her purpose at the resort isn’t her only secret? And how will Xiami react when You reveals a secret of his own?
Jingle Ma helms this breezy and light romantic comedy set in a tropical paradise. By this point, it should be fairly obvious how things are going end up to even the most inexperienced of filmgoers. What makes a romantic comedy worth your time is onscreen chemistry, good humor, and a little something to spice up the formula a bit. Love You You is just about as average as you can get and while not a terrible film, it really just doesn’t satisfy.
Picturesque Malaysia is the backdrop for the film and it looks good. Crystal clear waters, white beaches, and good food highlight the look of the titular resort and it more than obviously resembles a commercial. This does become more blatant when a certain website begins popping up more frequently in the final act. Product placement isn’t new to film, especially Chinese films, but it does take you out of the film a bit when a character recommends a website onscreen.
Eddie and Angelababy have good chemistry and they more than fulfill the requisite for good looking people in a rom-com. Peng’s You is aloof and more than a little excitable but he plays it safe; relying on his charm and a light script to carry his performance. Angelababy is stunning in the film and definitely turns heads in her role as Xiami. An early acting role for her, she definitely feels amateurish however she has gotten much better in films since. Everyone starts somewhere and while inauspicious, it isn’t a bad job despite a little overacting here and there.
The plot flows pretty much how you expect it to, though there is a nice enough revelation that occurs towards the beginning of the third act that makes sense and should be harder to predict than is typical. Music is generally forgettable though Angelababy does contribute a vocal track which is solid.
In the end, Love You You is a very average romantic comedy that is easy to tell if it is your cup of tea. Good leads and a nice enough story help the film to fare better than many other films but it never feels unique enough to stand apart. A decent date night picture, it won’t offend or challenge.
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