Hoshizora Kiseki (2006)


hoshizora title

Director: Toshikazu Matsubara, Akio Watanabe

Starring: Yumiko Hosono, Kyoko Chikiri, Risa Mizuno, Hiroyuki Sawada

27 Minutes

Hoshizora Kiseki is a short Japanese animation about Kozue, a girl with a fascination with astronomy. She runs the astronomy club at her school and organizes a trip to see a meteor shower but everyone bows out. Going alone, she meets an odd young man, Ginga, who seems to have a connection with the meteorites.

With a simple plot that does not offer much in the way of creativity, I was thoroughly bored by this whole affair. It takes too long to get going and plot points are needlessly inserted with little or no payoff. The limited time was certainly an issue, but when 30 minutes feels like an eternity, it is a problem that rests squarely on the script.

The voice acting is solid if uninspired, the material did not have me sold enough to care about the characters. Animation is smooth and fluid, but seemed to be from a decade earlier. An older look isn’t bad, but it didn’t really engage me stylistically. Character designs are nice though and the few bits of CG are done well. I did get tired of the theme song quickly, it is used way too many times for such a short animation, and by the second time I heard it, I had checked out already.

Not a terrible anime, the film is hindered by its slow pace and lack of development. While it looks solid, there is not enough content to really get into the picture or the characters. I can’t really see many people truly enjoying this animation, it seems amateurish and without drive. Overall, it is just a wholly underwhelming experience.


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