Doggy Poo (2004)


doggy poo poster

Director: Kwon Oh-sung

Starring: Song Do-yeong, Jeong Mi-suk

30 Minutes

Doggy Poo is a stop motion animated short about, you guessed it, canine excrement. Basically, this little poo is stuck where he was left, on the road, and he encounters many different beings as he contemplates his purpose and what possible use he could have over the course of multiple seasons.

Get past the odd subject matter, and I think there’s a lot to like about this little film. Independently produced, the stop motion is not as smooth as say, Aardman or Laika, but it has a lot of heart and is distinctly Korean. Doggy Poo himself/herself(?) is actually quite cute by design and though the search for purpose is very predictable, it is nonetheless satisfying when it happens. Director Kwon Oh-sung takes a deliberate pace to tell the story, but it feels a bit slow, even with the short runtime.

There is a small voice cast, as characters do not number much. The actress who plays Doggy Poo plays the role like that of a young child and injects innocence into the role. I somewhat disliked the choice to make the film childish, especially with the grating crying, but I suppose that the audience is certainly meant to be younger. Music is done by piano artist Yiruma and gives a storybook like tone to the film. It is light and appropriate and it most certainly stands out.

In the end, Doggy Poo is a gentle little film about finding your purpose. It hardly breaks new ground but the film is a unique take on the time tested moral. Certainly worth a look, you may be surprised by what you take away from it. As a note, it took a great deal of effort not to use a lot of easy scatological wordplay when writing this review, I hope you appreciate it.


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