Neighbor Zombie, The (2010)


The Neighbor Zombie

Director: Oh Young-doo, Ryu Hoon, Hong Young-geun, and Jang Youn-jung

Starring: Hong Young-geun, Ha Eun-jung, Seo Yoon-a, Kim Hyun-tae

In 2010, a zombie outbreak in Seoul decimates the population and untold lives are lost in the ensuing struggle for survival. When humanity fights its way back from the brink, the stories of what went on during the tragedy are told through a variety of different directors in a variety of genres.

An anthology style film that covers everything from patient zero to former infected living with the stigma of being former zombies in a virus free world, The Neighbor Zombie is a generally dark comedy with interspersed bits of action and drama. A fairly short running time helps this mixed bag of a film where the limited budget and amateurish performances by some principals give an overall tepid view of the film. There are some standout stories to be sure, like the story of a devoted daughter trying to keep her infected mother alive by feeding her the fingers cut from her own hand as well as the final main entry concerning an unemployed former zombie coming face to face with a prejudiced society in the post-apocalypse world.

In the end there isn’t enough cohesiveness or standard performances to really keep me enthralled though I’d certainly be interested in seeing the full feature length work of a handful of creators. With some interesting editing and an exuberance of inspiration, The Neighbor Zombie is a misfire in a lot of ways but interesting enough for the curious or those looking for a below the radar movie.

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