ATM Error (2012)


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Because of their company’s strict no tolerance rule against co-worker fraternization, Jib and Sua have to keep their relationship a secret. Finally coming to an agreement to get married, the two are both reluctant to give up their positions as one would have to when their relationship became common knowledge. When a faulty ATM mistakenly dispenses more money than it should have, the bank sends the two to recover the lost money. Taking the investigation as a contest of sorts, the two lovers agree that whoever recovers the money first does not have to relinquish their employment. As this battle of the sexes escalates, the two will have to deal with crocodiles, the bungling culprits, and sabotage from each other in this fight for love and money.
Directed by Mez Tharatorn, the movie looks better than most non action Thai films; it has decent editing, a clean look, and good audio. Indicative of a general rise in technical quality in Thai cinema, ATM Error seems like an attempt to produce a high budget Hollywood style comedy and for the most part, it succeeds. What is gained however doesn’t make up for the loss in creativity and a feeling of separation from the identity of Thai moviemaking.
A generally run of the mill comedy, ATM Error features a decent cast that seems to have a lot of fun in their roles and a very goofy style that is made for populist cinema. For the most part, the comedy is non offensive, though a few jokes edge into the gross out zone. Humor is heavy with sight gags, exaggerated facial and body expressions, and sound effects straight out of Looney Tunes. Despite the voracity with which Jib and Sua got at each other, it is never dark and you never have a shadow of a doubt about how the film will end up. Small moments that suggest tension and the possibility of danger typically shrivel up a few moments later when a joke pops up on screen.
ATM Error may appeal to a wide audience, but because it plays it so safe, there isn’t much to separate it from any other formulaic, but slightly wacky romantic comedy. While the jokes hit more often than not, is does offer some odd Thai humor that just doesn’t translate well to this viewer. Not really a bad film, this movie is simple non-committal fluff that perhaps runs a little too long despite the slight premise.
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